01. Pages

Pages are the most basic structure of data of your website, along with blog posts anr archives.

A page is essentially a blank electronic paper ready to hold your amazing content.

Types of pages

This theme allows the creation of 2 main group of pages:

  1. Static pages: are pages with a content that doesn’t change once created, so it essentially can be anything with text, pictures and videos
  2. Dynamic pages: these are pages that can contain any sort of dynamic content, which means that you don’t add it manually, but is generated automatically from another source. An example of a dynamic page is blog archive page: this is automatically generated from your blog posts, and will update dinmaically.

Page templates

This theme provides a huge variety of what’s called “page tempaltes”.

Page templates are alternative frontend designs for your page. A page template can differ in functionality and contents, design and usage.

Changing page template

You can see the available page templates on the right widebar of your page editor, wheather you may be using Gutemberg or the Classic Editor.

Page templates

In this section of the manual you will discover every custom page template offered by this theme and learn how to use it properly.

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