07. Podcast list small widget [Elementor]

How to add a podcast list small widget in Elementor

  1. Edit the page with Elementor
  2. Search for Podscast list in the Elementor search widget box
  3. Drag the widget inthe page editor content

podcast list small elementor widget for wordpress


Query parameters

podcast list small elementor widget for wordpress query parameters

  1. Category filters: you can select one or more categories to display. Podcasts can be filtered by Podcast Categories or by Podcast Series
  2. Exclude: use this parameter to not show one or more categories from this widget
  3. Posts by ID: add the numeric ID of the specific posts to display
  4. Max items: the initial amount of posts to display. We recommend using a multiple of the items per row parameter, available in the Item Design section of the widget.

Items design

load more button podcast widget for wordpress website template

  1. Load more button: add a button to load another quantity of posts
  2. Button text: for the load more button

You can customize the appearance of the Hover effect and the card design from Appearance > Customize. Please see the Customizations chapter for more details.

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