09. Page header and background

The page header is the top section of default pages.

There are 2 main parts:

  1. The content
  2. The background

Customizing page header content

Customize the design of the page headers as hide/display breadcrumb, alignment and padding.

For Podcasts and Series, additional options are available in a dedicated section, covered in the next chapters.

When editing a single page, from the Classic editor, you can choose to hide the default page header and title. This is useful when creating a page with Elementor.
More info in the next chapters about page creation.

Customizing the page header background

  1. Optionally set a header background color
  2. Optionally upload a default “page header background”. You can override this for single pages
  3. If you want the single page and posts featured image to be used as background, you can enable this option.
  4. In the backgorund styling you can choose the appearance of your background image
  5. To override the default image for a single page or post, each page has a custom field named “header background”.

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