Podcast archive

The appearance of podcast archives, series and podcast categories can be edited from the customizer.

Before customizing podcast archives is recommended to have the demo contents imported.

How to customize podcast series

  1. In your WordPress admnin click on Podcast Episodes > Podcast Series
  2. Hover a serie containing some podcasts, and click “view
  3. This is a “series” archive, in the top menu bar click “Customize
  4. In the customizer, open “Podcast archive and series”
  5. Here you can set multiple options of the serie and archives
  6. Hide or display the sidebar
  7. Switch between grid and list view for the episodes
  8. In the section of the customizer named “Series pages” you can hide certain elements of the page
  9. Optionally use the custom series image as background (to change the background you can edit the Series term itself)
  10. Optionally set the border radius for the Podcast Series cover
  11. Hide or show the subscribers, episodes, and buttons
  12. Hide or show description and Episodes header
  13. The “episodes header” also contains a search bosh that searches only within that specific Podcast Serie, while the Season dropdown can filter the episodes within that series
  14. Click “Publish”

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