13. Series Slider [Elementor]

You can create a slider of Podcast Series (info) with Elementor.

It’s similar to a Podcast Slider, but it contains a list of Series instead of single episodes.

The main action is the Follow action since they are series, but they allow to play the latest podcast of each series directly from the Slider.

How to create a Series Slider

STEP 1 – Create a new section

With Elementor create a new section. In the Section options you can set it as Full Width.

STEP 2 – Search and drag a Series Slider widget into the page

STEP 3 – Filter the results

Choose amount of series, order, or select the series one by one.

STEP 4 – Order parameter “Recently updated”

The Order By parameter has an option called “Recently updated”.
This useful option will automatically extract the series containing the most recent podcast episodes.


STEP 5 – Slider settings customization

The series slider appearance can be customized in this section.

You can set a custom typography, paddings and slider functionality.

Button arrows and border can be changed to match a particular requirement for that section.


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