7. Premium podcasting overview

With this podcasting website template you can create premium podcasts limit the access to premium podcasts only to users with an active premium plan.

Any podcast can easily set as premium with a checkbox. You can have both free and premium podcasts.

Premium functionalities are based on 3 required plugins provided with the theme:

  1. WooCommerce (free)
  2. YITH WooCommerce Subscription (free version)
  3. QantumThemes User Manager

How do these plugins work? What are they for and how are they linked?

1. WooCommerce

This plugin is required to manage the user profile, purchases, products and payments/invoicing.

2. YITH WooCommerce Subscription

This plugin allows to create “subscription” products with recurring payments.

3. User Manager plugin

This plugin does the following:

  1. Allows to set a podcast as Premium, and limits access to premium users
  2. Allows to manage the capabilities for external authors
  3. Manage user permissions to listen, follow and download
  4. Link the subscription plan to the podcasts
  5. Manage the blocking modal windows
  6. Also, it ensures that premium contents are hidden and can’t be stolen

In the next chapters you will learn how to install and configure each plugin correctly, to create your premium podcasting website and gather subscription fees.

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