How to translate theme and plugins


Language translation is possible using the standard WordPress translation function.

This theme is very easy to translate as the .mo .po (pot) files are provided within the language sub folder of the theme.

You can download Poedit here:

In the main theme folder in wp-content/themes/wpcast you’ll find a “languages” folder.

It contains a model to translate the theme using Poedit or other .mo .po translation softwares.

  1. Start up Poedit.
  2. In Poedit goto File -> New from POT/PO file…
  3. Select and Open the pot file from the languages folder.
  4. Enter your name, email address, your language and country (i.e. French fr_FR, German de_DE) to the setting form. For the correct language identifier chech the column WP Locale at this page
  5. Click the Update button in the main Poedit UI.
  6. Save the file:
    1. For a plugin like filename-xx_XX.po with xx_XX for your language and country.
    2. For a theme xx_XX.po
  7. In WordPress Admin,  settings -> general set the language of your country.
  8. That’s it, go to your WordPress blog and see your translation in action. Enjoy your blogging!!!

Please notice that some strings may be in the plugins and not in the theme!

Plugins translation

Some plugins may have language translation capability. In this case you will find a languages folder in the plugins.

– Save it as plugins-name-XX_xx.po with xx_XX for your language and country.

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